Children run wild, family relax and enjoy

Family glamping
Boys cooking
Family glamping in Dorset, UK
Children learning about fire making and cooking in the woods - Forest school
Glamping for children
On the monkey swing with one of the two tents in the background
Children making camps
One of an infinite amounts of camps to be made in the woods
Children enjoying glamping in the Dorset countryside
Strawberry feast in the camp

UK family glamping holiday

This is a family glamping paradise.  With the self-sufficient lodges (fully plumbed in with ensuite shower and loo) surrounded by 50 acres of woodland, the wide range of activities and adventures and most of all the domestic assistance (cooking, cleaning, food shopping and mothers help), make it an ideal family glamping holiday in the depth of the Dorset and Somerset countryside in the UK.   


Children can run wild in the woods, swing on monkey swings, build camps, help cook for the family on the camp fire.  If they want to go further afield, they can go riding or shooting or hot air ballooning around the estate.


The domestic assistance service is invaluable for those families that want to truly get away from it, and live the dream with your family and not tied to domestic chores.  


Relax, explore and enjoy.


Our Mother's help can take children of all ages out on adventures. Forest school, lighting a fire, foraging, shooting arrows, building camps will grab the attention of all including the most sullen of teenagers. While this is going on, the parents can relax with a gin and tonic or concentrate on their own thrills.


We are there to provide sumptuous food, invigorating all and making meals a joy.  We can provide either excellent raw ingredients or provide the dish, freshly cooked.  This is gourmet food.  You can eat in the safari lodge, around the camp fire or have a picnic at some beautiful location. 


This is why this can be the most unique UK family glamping holiday for children, teenagers and adults alike.


Glamping for children
Glamping for children

Booking available from July onwards

Glamping UK
The veranda
Family glamping holiday
Monkeying around

Pony hire at £80 per day - horses £95 per day + guide at £12 per hour

UK Glamping

Clay pigeon shooting - £65 per group + £15 per person - incl tuition, guns etc

glamping in woodland
Safari tent
Entrance to wild glamping
The Lions on the pillars of Stalbridge Park
Glamping in Somerset
The idyllic Dorset countryside
Glamping in Dorset
Wild maquis of Deadmoor - SSSI