We can provide rifle shooting as well as clays
We can provide rifle shooting as well as clays


We have a range of guns and ground, and so can provide flexibility as to what you want to do. 


Clays are always popular, and depending on the level of shooting, we can provide tutors to suit.


We provide supervised target practice shooting from 4 years old upwards.    We have guns starting with the air gun for young children, through to a .22 calibre rifle which has next to no recoil or noise, through to a high velocity .273 rifle which has a kick.


Depending on the mix of ages and depending on what is wanted, the keeper can provide a range of different challenges.  For those wanting to investigate the wider country, the keeper can take clients exploring SSSIs and the wilder areas of the Somerset and Dorset farms, to stalk the abundant roe deer. 


As always we can provide picnic and support for any shooting party, enabling you to stay out in the field for longer with the support you need.







Booking available from July onwards

Glamping UK
The veranda
Family glamping holiday
Monkeying around

Pony hire at £80 per day - horses £95 per day + guide at £12 per hour

UK Glamping

Clay pigeon shooting - £65 per group + £15 per person - incl tuition, guns etc

glamping in woodland
Safari tent
Entrance to wild glamping
The Lions on the pillars of Stalbridge Park
Glamping in Somerset
The idyllic Dorset countryside
Glamping in Dorset
Wild maquis of Deadmoor - SSSI