Riding Safari - English style
Riding Safari - English style

Riding safari in the UK

This is a riding holiday of dreams, a riding safari, uk style, through the 'wilds' of Dorset and Somerset.


We provide suitable horses and ponies, depending on your experience, and deliver them to your tent.  If you want, you can bring your own.  This is some of the most thrilling riding in the UK while glamping.


We have horses and ponies that range from the fastest, most agile thoroughbreds to your quietest gentlemen that are as steady as they come. We can be as adventurous as you want and go for as long as you want, taking a picnic if need be. The time is yours, there are few limits.


The horses and ponies are hired for the day.  The best formula is to go for a ride in the morning, then for lunch tie the horses up for a rest under the apple trees ready for an afternoon ride. 


This is riding out on the range, cowboy style. An adventure.  Covering the country, seeing the wildlife, feeling the rhythm of the beautiful Somerset and Dorset countryside.


Depending on your experience and what you want to do, we can go for a gentle hack (trail ride) around the Somerset and Dorset countryside or do something more akin to the Grand National - hedge hopping (depending on ground conditions).  


There is the UK countryside in all its glory, the farming, the wildlife and of course the thrill of riding.


Stalbridge Park, the location of Safari Glamping, has a grand history of horses and riding, from The Earl of Uxbridge who commanded the cavalry at Waterloo to Harry Dufosee, who bred Stalbridge Colonist (the only horse that beat Arkle). 


The Park is not only beautiful to look at with its undulating ground, and many woods, but the ground is excellent for riding with mix of brash and sandy soil.  The agricultural land is either grass or the arable has wide verges.  There is a wide variety of jumps to be negotiated, from small timber, to walls, to fly hedges to ones larger than the National.


Riding around you will see a variety of wildlife and a variety of habitats.  The Estate has much woodland, grassland and over 200 acres of SSSI (Sites of Special Scientific Interest), making it ideal for far ranging rides around the Dorset countryside.


For children wanting to gain their confidence, we can let them sit quietly on the ponies, as well as grooming them and generally being around them when they are at their lodge.   It is this quiet time with ponies and being able to dip in and dip out that helps to build their confidence.  





Riding - the best way of exploring the countryside
Riding - the best way of exploring the countryside
Riding safari - Dorset
Riding safari - Dorset
Learning the ropes
Learning the ropes
Grazing horses - waiting for the next guest
Grazing horses - waiting for the next guest
Picnicing on riding safari
Picnicing on riding safari

Booking available from July onwards

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Monkeying around

Pony hire at £80 per day - horses £95 per day + guide at £12 per hour

UK Glamping

Clay pigeon shooting - £65 per group + £15 per person - incl tuition, guns etc

glamping in woodland
Safari tent
Entrance to wild glamping
The Lions on the pillars of Stalbridge Park
Glamping in Somerset
The idyllic Dorset countryside
Glamping in Dorset
Wild maquis of Deadmoor - SSSI