Glamping farm
Magnificent sight - the dairy herd

Farming and farm animals

The glamping takes place on the most amazing dairy farm, within a large agricultural estate.


If you are interested you can inspect the dairy cows, cattle and arable farming in this part of Dorset - just ask when you are booking - this can be at whatever level you want.  For instance you may have an ambition to milk some cows, or herd some cattle on horse back or plough a field.  We can arrange things depending on what work is being done at the time.


For those interested we can also bring in rabbits and guinea pigs.



Glamping Dorset
Cattle on the SSSI

Booking available from July onwards

Glamping UK
The veranda
Family glamping holiday
Monkeying around

Pony hire at £80 per day - horses £95 per day + guide at £12 per hour

UK Glamping

Clay pigeon shooting - £65 per group + £15 per person - incl tuition, guns etc

glamping in woodland
Safari tent
Entrance to wild glamping
The Lions on the pillars of Stalbridge Park
Glamping in Somerset
The idyllic Dorset countryside
Glamping in Dorset
Wild maquis of Deadmoor - SSSI