Family adventure glamping, ideal for children
The picnic rest

We can provide bicycles to your lodge - for all ages.    We connect onto a myriad of quiet country lanes and picturesque villages of Somerset and Dorset.  The Park, where you are staying, has over a mile of internal drive - this is an ideal training ground for little ones, as well as having fine views over the Blackmore Vale.


For any bicycle expedition we can supply a picnic and refreshments in idyllic locations around the estate and then provide a lift back for those who cannot cope with the return journey.    


There is no better way of exploring the lanes and villages than on a bicycle. 


It is worth noting that Enid Blyton used to live in one of the neighbouring villages, Stourton Caundle, and was the location of the story, Finniston Farm.  It is thought that the castle in the book relates to the Jacobean house at Stalbridge Park.   This is definitely worth a pilgrimage. 




Booking available from July onwards

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Family glamping holiday
Monkeying around

Pony hire at £80 per day - horses £95 per day + guide at £12 per hour

UK Glamping

Clay pigeon shooting - £65 per group + £15 per person - incl tuition, guns etc

glamping in woodland
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Entrance to wild glamping
The Lions on the pillars of Stalbridge Park
Glamping in Somerset
The idyllic Dorset countryside
Glamping in Dorset
Wild maquis of Deadmoor - SSSI